37 South was started out of the desire to have well-designed and built apps in the hunting and outdoors space. We’re building products for sportsmen and the guys and gals like us – those that love to hunt, fish, and experience everything the outdoors has to offer.

In order to understand what we’re doing, it’s important to understand what everyone else is doing. We recognized three things about most apps in the space. The first group is apps that individuals either did themselves or paid someone to do. Typically, these apps aren’t designed or built well – they’re more like DIY apps. The second group is traditional hunting brands that hired an agency to design and build the app, but the brand doesn’t have hunters on staff to do the design and development. And finally, there are startups like onX and Huntwise that have millions in funding and large teams to do design and development.

Each of these groups typically has a common thread: hunters aren’t designing and building the apps, at least not the majority of them.

How We’re Different

So how are we different? Well, we’re sorta DIYers ourselves, but we’ve professionally done design and development at some of the biggest startups. We also spend our free time in the outdoors chasing game, fishing, and honing our archery and marksmanship skills. We’re not working on a single app – we want to be free to scratch any itch we have without investors driving our decisions. We’re allowed to do this because we’re a bootstrapped company, not funded.

We also work hard to make sure we’re listening to the folks that use our apps. We’re easy to get in touch with when you run into a problem, and we’re open to new ideas and suggestions. It goes a long way for our customers, but it also helps shape some of the most important decisions we make with our products.

And finally, the most important thing about us is that we use the apps we build. Not only do we use them, we rely on them. They were built out of personal needs we’ve had, so regardless of anyone else using them, we will always depend on them.