wildlife control?

The population of our cities grow and expand everyday. As we build more homes, businesses, schools, and commercial properties, our population and the animal population overlap more and more. As we displace wildlife from their native habitat, they naturally have to look for new homes, and sometimes they want to share our homes. This is were we come in. A+ Wildlife Control has been providing quality and professional service for over 3 years. Our expert technicians are ready for any type of wildlife work and you can count on us to do the job right.

we love wildlife!

We really do! We were the kids bringing snakes and lizards home to mom, and now we’re fortunate enough to have jobs doing what we love. Wildlife and nature are true passions of ours, just check out the blog or twitter feed to see what we've been up to lately. Sometimes we even take the wildlife from your home and put it in ours. We love animals.

what services can we provide

Well, pretty much anything you can think of. If it's not listed below, we can probably still handle it, just give us a call.

  • animal damage repair
  • animal exclusion
  • animal waste cleanup
  • chimney cap installation
  • decontamination & odor control
  • gutter cleaning
  • humane animal trapping
  • wildlife entry prevention
  • wildlife relocation
  • wildlife rescue
  • wildlife removal

what areas do we service

North Georgia and surrounding areas. Not sure if that covers you, just check the county list below. If you aren't listed, give us a call anyway and we'll see what we can do.

  • bartow
  • catoosa
  • chatooga
  • cherokee
  • dade
  • dawson
  • fannin
  • floyd
  • gordon
  • gilmer
  • lumpkin
  • murray
  • pickens
  • union
  • walker
  • whitfield
  • towns

what animals can we handle?

Anything you've got, well... we've never gotten a call for anything exotic like a lion or tiger, but we sure would love to. A few of the more common ones we deal with are listed below, but if it's part of the animal kingdom, give us a call, we're in.

  • bats
  • beavers
  • bobcats
  • chipmunks
  • coyote
  • english sparrows
  • european starlings
  • feral cats
  • fox
  • groundhogs (woodchuck)
  • mice
  • moles
  • muskrats
  • opossum
  • pigeon
  • rabbits
  • racoons
  • roof & norway rats
  • skunks
  • snakes
  • squirrels (gray & flying)
  • turtles
  • voles
  • woodpeckers